The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark twain
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Mark Twain was born Langhorne Clemens in 183, when he was 4 years old hey move to Hannibal, Missouri on h Mississipi river where he grew up and develop his personality and learned to manage I own self. When he was twelve years old his fathers was gone and leave him forever in short his father was died. At age of 12 he began his career, he apprenticed to a printer and he became a reporter, writer and entertainer humorous sketches. 1857 t age of 22 he became a river – boat pilot. And he took his name Mark Twain at this experienced. After the civil war he went back to journalism and publishes his own book. His first story was published in 1865. His works are “the adventures of Tom Sawyer “(1876) this was his first work. 1883 he published another story “Life on Mississipi” this is no a novel but a superbly evocation memoir, next he wrote “A Connectint Yankee at King Arthur Court (1889). “The Adventure of Huckle berry Finn” (1884) it was known as his master piece and one of world great book. 1910 when Mark Twain died .


Huck Finn - The leading role of the novel and the son of the town drunk. He is about 12 years old. The main character in the story which encountered different situation during his adventure.
Jim - The runaway slave of Miss Watson’s, whom Huck helps to gain freedom. The companion of Hucks during their adventure
Widow Douglas - Huck’s guardian who adopts him and wants to civilize him.
Pap - Huck’s father who comes back to town when he learns that his son has become rich. He want to get his back from Widow Douglas and Miss Watson.
Tom Sawyer - A friend of Huck who is about his same age. The leader and founder of band of robbery which named Tom Sawyer Gang.
Miss Watson - Widow Douglas’ sister, who tutors Huck.
The Duke and the Dauphin - Two friends who go about fooling people and relieving them of their money. They join Huck and Jim on the raft.
Ben Rogers - A friend of Huck’s, who is also a part of Tom Sawyer’s gang.
Joe Harper - Another friend of Huck’s.
Judge Thatcher - A judge in St. Petersburg and the custodian of Huck’s money.
The Grangerfords and the Shephardsons - Two feuding families with whom Huck gets involved.
Mrs. Judith Loftus - The new woman in St. Petersburg from whom Huck learns that people are planning to come and explore Jackson’s Island.
Bill, Packard, and Turner - The three thieves that Jim and Huck find in a houseboat.
Boggs - A drunk in a small Arkansas town who gets killed in broad daylight.
Col. Sherburn - The man who kills Boggs.
Peter Wilks - The man who dies in Pikesville, leaving behind a plantation for his three nieces.
Mary Jane, Susan, and Joanna - The three Wilks’ girls whom the Duke and the Dauphin almost succeed in cheating.
William and Harvey - The two heirs to the Wilks farm who arrive after the funeral.
Dr. Robinson - The first man to see through the Duke and the Dauphin’s disguise and suspect them to be frauds.
Levi Bell - The lawyer with whom Dr. Robinson conducts the investigation to find out the real heirs.
Rev. Hobson - The preacher who performs the funeral service of Peter Wilks.
The Phelps - The family which bought Jim from the king. They also happen to be Tom Sawyer’s aunt and uncle.

Settings of the story:

First the setting was in in America. And some parts of the story was set in St. Petersburg,Missouri where Huck’s was adopt by Widow Douglas and Miss Watson who tried to civilize him and teach him about good behaviors. And he study how to write and he became educated and religious person and he meet friends like Tom Swayer, Ben Rogers and some other young men who join their band before. There are also parts in the story which happened in Mississippi River, where Huck’s encounter different kinds of difficulties when he tried o escape from his father and his begin with his adventure. They continue travel to the state of north where Huck’s meet Jim and they continue for their adventure. They also had been in Arkansas which they pretending to be a king and duke so that people may not know about them.


Tom Swayer and Huckle berry Finn are the main character in the story. They are best of friends, the story begin when they became rich because they found money that the robbery hid inside the cave. And it made them became rich and they had a new life and new challenge.
Tom Swayer starts to make a band of robbers and recruit members to join their band. Huck’s Finn wants to join the band but in one condition, he need to go back to Widow Douglas who adopt him and take care of him, give him foods, shelter and call him little lost lamb. Miss Watson sister of Widow Douglas teach him how to behave like a formal person. Huck’s Finn can join the band when someone hold him as his guardian, the group of this young man which well be the member of Tom Swayer band was gone to a secret place where they will have their meeting and talk bout their new band of robbery. Tom Swayer is the founder of this band of robbery and he named it “Tom Swayer Gang”. If everyone who wants to join must have to take an oath and write his name in blood. And all are welling to his rule and requirements. The band was very strict when them member will going to make bad against the band will have punishable by death, either cut his throat or kill his family.
Huck’s Finn don’t have family so he other member of the band asked if Huck’s Finn will going to join he don’t have family, he don’t have exception for any punishments. So he must have family according to him to join the band.
Their mission is to kill people and rob all things they like. But plan and mission didn’t accomplish, and all is just pretending. After a month Huck’s Finn resigned from his band and also some men didn’t stay at the band. Maybe they realized that the can do such things at their age.

Huckle berry Finn was introduce to Widow Douglas and civilized him and each him about good behaviors. Huck’s Finn didn’t see his father and mother for a long time, but his father appeared when he knew that Huck’s Finn became now rich. He was afraid when he saw his father; his father was about 50 years old when they last meet. His father an intention is to get the money of Huckle berry Finn because his father knew about is richness. But the money of Huck’s Finn was taken by Judge Thatchers and put it in the bank with interest. Finn done hold he money anymore but he have a right to budget the money he have, when his father came to his path his father want to take all the money of Huckle berry but he don’t have money to give to his father and she explain it to him, but his father don’t believe him and he find the judge and ask about it. And they fight their rights inside the hall of justice. But since the father always have the right for his son Widow Douglas and Miss Watson was lost the case.
Huck’s father became bad and bad, always drunk and abuse pople in the town and got jail. Huck’s situation became worst when his father took him, his father didn’t give him freedom, his father didn’t care of him and he did to lock his son inside the room. Huck’s stop schooling because his father didn’t want him to go to school in short his father abused him. But sometimes Hucks escaped from his father hands and continue to go to school and study.
Huckleberry Finn was got chanced to escape when his father request him to catch fish and canon, a king wood or logs, when his father out of his sight and didn’t look at him, he escape and hide go into thick bushes, vines and tress. His adventure escaping from his father is very ridiculous; he did anything just to escape from his father hands. During his adventure he encountered different people, accidentally Huck’s meet Jim ate place where I hide. Jim also escape from Miss Watson, he is slave of Widow Douglas and Miss Watson. Jim and Huck’s is now companion for their adventure to find their path away from dark world.
They encounter different trials during their adventure, starvation, no water, no foods but they are striving to fight the trials and overcome with it. Huck’s don’t have enough sleep and it became dangerous when no people help him. But now Huck’s have companion on his adventure which is Jim.
They continue for their adventure and find the right path to survive. They use lumber, logs to across the river and go to other side of the river. They found a house not so far from their place and they found dead body inside of the house. And the ask themselves why there is dead body. Jim what to study who killed that man but Huck,s didn’t want hear about it because it is bad luck. And Jim respect and follow what Hucks said.
They continue to walk and find their way going to their destination, they encounter different situations where their must be in danger, they encounter group of gang in town and they witness how this gangster killed and terrorized people and stole everything they want, but Jim and Huck hid their self from them and they continue watching how they worked.

Huck and Jim encounter people who running for their lives and they did is just pretending as what they did before just to save their life. They pretending that they are the king and duke which lost their kingdom and travel along way from their home.


The story is very colorful, full of essence and touches every human’s heart, the writer or the author of this story gave his effort just to fulfill the story and makes it more interesting. The author wrote and made this story based on real life, the purpose is to give more lessons in our life and awaken our mind. The whole story was made simple and it is easy to understand when you read it carefully and give more time to analyze every lines and words in the story. Mark Twain is the only author of this story “the adventures of Huckleberry Finn” which he made it successfully through his knowledge and mind. He made different story and became the best seller. The Adventures of Huckleberry finn became popular during 18th century. The story is composed of different personalities which the characters give life to the story. The protagonist is the one who tell or narrate the whole story and he is involved at any situation happening in the story. When we read the line or the paragraph in this book there are words that are not easy to understand when you just look at it without analyzing the whole paragraph, author uses number of dialects and there are some words looks unfamiliar. The author used words which are not easy to understand or it has deep meaning, but it gives essence to the whole story. The story also contains some lines which include some words that cannot appropriate to the story, like using words “by and by” in every chapter. The reader may ask what the meanings of those words are. But this words re just part of the making and building sentences which gives the story more colorful.

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