BEOWULF ( epic history told by Charles Kennedy)
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By. Charles W. Kennedy


Beowulf is an epic history told by Charles W. Kennedy it tells about the heroic story of a person whose name Beowulf. It is also an Epic because it is a long poem treating a heroic theme. Beowulf became hero when he defeated Grendel and his mother and lastly the dragon according to protect the land of Denmark. Beowulf has supernatural ability to produce supernatural power which is his strength that kills all his enemy, his strength is equivalent of 18 person’s strength he fight the monster without using sword or weapon.
He story are very interesting because it gives us more lessons on how to love your country as what Beowulf did, he fought against Monster and dragon because he love his kingdom and his people. The action that he made and how he won the great fight are the parts of the story which made it more interesting.


The story wrote by Charles Kennedy serves us many purposes; first it gives moral lessons to us and it tells how the story represents its era's and its author dominant cultural or personal values. And how those values relate to attitudinal and definitional concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, morality and immorality etc.; how the plot and characters represent how people should or should not act and lastly the story and its culture's effect on our own cultural and personal values.
The Author define heroism in this story and he tell us about the definition of bad and good in the story where Grendel and his mother are bad in the story and Beowulf which is the good and hero in he story. The story gives more knowledge about the past and how Beowulf became a hero during that time. The purpose of the story was merely implied, it is not stated because through the story itself or the essence of the story we can understand and know the purposes of the whole story. The poem aims to set forth the Authors both beliefs and teach lessons because the Author believe the monster and dragons which he made to give it life in the story even in real life I possibly not and the lesson in the story about the characteristics of a person how they deal their attitude in the story and also the characteristics of Beowulf as a hero.


The story was made clearly and it is easy for me to understand the situation, but sometimes we encountered little problem about some words being used because it used old English language and we are studying new English language but it is very colorful and interesting story. the plot connecting with its story background or theme and the word and sentence that being use was also connected with each other, it means that the story is focusing about the story in it, and for us to understand the whole story the lines of a story was being modify clearly for us to understand the whole story, since it is edited version it is easy for us to understand from the original text.
There are improbabilities in he story which gives more interesting and more enjoyable for the readers. Like, Grendel and his mother and the dragon where the enemies of Beowulf, the monster has been distinguished by he author so that the story became more interesting even there no facts or truth about the monster and dragons in real life.
The story is obviously borrowed by the Author, first the author of original story was unknown because twas written during the time of Aglo – saxon era. And if we noticed the story became short in fact the original story was made long even it is short story epic. And the writer or Editor add some words but the essence of the story are the same, it twas edited because people was hardly to understand the whole story from original text not because of its words or lines but because the story was made very long.


The story is composed of many characters that stated in the story and give life the story. Only the main characters were mentioned by name, like Beowulf he was distinguished in the story and more about his life and personality. Also King Hrothgar the king of Denmark which Beowulf fought against his enemies likes Grendel and his mother and lastly the Dragon. The author emphasized them as part of character in the story even they are monster yet they where stated as the best enemy of Beowulf and they had a big part in the story.
The Author describe the characters appearance, like Beowulf he was describe as he strongest man and Grendel was distinguish as a monster with his mother and they are ugly and scary appearance or superficial appearance . And all characters encounter suffering in the story.


The story started in Denmark where King Hrothgar reigns. At the hall of Heorot where Grendel first attack the soldiers and eat them and where the high point of the story begin. The setting was first described very well and emphasized he events or happening on this place. Where also Beowulf fought against Grendel was lost his hands because Beowullf grab it until it separate from grendels body.
Beowulf gives all his strength to defeats all monsters. Only the hall of Heorot where the story focused or the climax of the story focused. Another setting when Grendel mother attacked and took revenge because his son was died and Beowulf again fought her under the sea where also the setting of the story but it was not so emphasized
There are descriptions of nature in the story like, when Beowulf was sailing going to Hrothgar kingdom there are nature has been stated like, hills, seacliffs and etc. the Author describe the nature specifically so that the story became more colorful. The Author didn’t general terms to mentioned naure.


The Author states the contrast in the story where we can find how it is done and how the story all about. The example of contrasts in he story where a defeat followed by a victory, when Beowulf fought against Grendel and he injured Grendel by grabbing his hand and took it off from his body.
That was the moment where his victory with Grendel almost near. There was another contrast after his victory against Grendel they celebrate and they enjoyed his victory and that was also the time when Grendel mother attacked and again the victory against Grendel mother committed.
Another contrast when he fought with the dragon for the last time but he lost his life after all his victory at last he died because dragon bites his neck causing him to death.


The author has different style in making the story or poem, it was made into direct and short where the reader can easily understood the whole story, it was made simple and very interesting. The author used some words which are related the story, the word are prominent and polish like barrow, guerdon and mere this words are look unfamiliar but yet it is used to make the story unique. There are also some words which are very flowing like god over and over again, swan road for sea and foamy break for the waves in the sea.
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